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Email from patient to Dr. Neal titled: It was a dark and rainy night - How a Landmark Dental employee saved a Neal patient

"In mounting pain for over a month, Nicole managed to surreptitiously remove a piece of something trapped between my gum and #14 tooth......I was (gratefully) popped in on an emergency appointment (thank you Sarah). I would love to know how Nicole was able to locate and remove the morsel, which must have been causing the continued pain, because when I drove home I noticed for the first time in weeks the pain was abating.

The circumstances for the recommendation of my using the Perio Plus are now vague in my mind, but when Sarah found out I lived in Victoria, she offered to drop off a bottle to me on her way home. Sarah doesn't live next door to me, you understand, but in her mind, it was close enough to warrant her going out of her way to make sure I was able to start using the Perio Plus quickly.

She did indeed drive all the way to our home, in the dark, pretty late at night, pulling in to the wrong, but close, driveway down the street, and calling me on her cell. I flew out of the house, phone in my hand, dressing gowned and slippered, in the dark and rainy night, running down the street to grab the bottle and give her a kiss for her trouble.

What a terrific staff! Going way beyond the call of duty, demonstrating true caring and support. One could never imagine any employee stretching themselves for a patient that way. I am impressed and grateful. Imagine the loyalty such an action motivates. Who hired this woman? Kudos!

Thank you from the heart.
Shelly S

Patient: Shelley S.